Ancient Greek and Roman Coins For Sale


 A variety of offerings from my collection (acquired based on artistic merit or interest) listed in no particular order. Please observe that I have photographed these (using a hand held camera) in small groups with the obverses in one photo and the reverses in the next photo. Sold items will be noted "sold" or have the entire text removed.

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 1.Syracuse, 460-440 BC, AR tetradrachm, 16.58g, Quadriga rt/ Arethusa head, Boehr 515  $825


 2.Campania, Neapolis, 300 BC, AR nomos, Nymph hd/ Man-headed bull, Nike, SNG ANS 330. $225


3. Lucania,Herakleia, 340-330 BC, AR nomos, Athena hd/ Herakles, SNG ANS 77-9 $195




 4.Q. Pomp. Musa, 66 BC, AR denarius, Apollo hd, sandal behind/Thalia, Syd 821.small repair  $395

5. Philip II 1/5 tet, struck 348-342 BC, Artemis hd facing/ youth on horseback, LeRider 506. very rare.  $650


 6.Sicily, Solus, 5th Cent BC, AE 14,Athena hd facing/ archer kneeling, SG 1181. $165

 7. Hadrian Sestertius, Concordia $150


8. Divus Augustus under Titus, AE sesterius, (blurry photo) $255 

 9.Sicilian (unique?)AR litra, 5th cent BC, Rider side-saddle/ God, goddess, or hero seated, sacrificing over lit altar(?) 0.80g 12mm







 10. Antoninus Pius, AE sestertius Ops  $195





 11. Crispina sestertius, Concordia, RIC 665. $240

12.  Thessaly, Pharsalos. Mid-late 5th cent BC.

AR hemiobol 0.33g. Helmeted head of Athena/Horse head.

BCD Thess. 648  $ 70



13. Thrace, Dikaia. 480-450 BC. AR trihemiobol. Cock standing/ Herakles head. Weber 2363v.

Great archaic style!





 14. Cilicia, Mallos,Trajan Decius, AE 36, SNG Levante 1291.very rare. $285

 15. Thessaly, Perrhaiboi, AE 18  $115


 16. Lesbos, Methymna, 500-450 BC, AR obol,Athena hd/ Tortoise, very rare. HGC 6, 890. $175 

17. Olympia , 460's BC, AR obol, Eagle flying left w/ snake/ Winged thunderbolt, BCD 15 very rare $150

 18. Unique? Unrecorded? AE 33 probably from Cilicia, Dioceasarea,

Ant Pius/Athena driving quadriga left.

For similar rev. see: SNG Levante 673. Great style!      $225


19. Cyrene, AE 30 Trajan/Zeus Ammon, SYD Caesarea 232. Extremely rare. great style, some corrosion away from design. $315







20. Athens, 264-7 AD, AE 21, Athena hd/ Athena, olive tree, snake, owl, Kroll 258a. $185

21. Bruttium, Rhegion, 203-89 BC, AE 22x 24, Janiform female head/Askelpios SG 689. $185






22. Lydia, Sardes, 133 BC-14 AD, AE 23, Artemis bust/ Athena, SNG Cop 500v. $80




23. Thrace, Deultum Gordian III, AE 23   $80

24. Athens, 145-175 AD, AE 22, Themistokles on galley, Kroll 278. rare $180

 25. Sicily, Panormous AE 21.



 26.Lesbos, Mytilene, 377-326 BC, El Hekte, 2.55g, Apollo hd/ female hd. Bod 95. $315


 27. Crete, Gortyna, AR stater 360-322 BC, 10.42g, Europa seated left in plane tree, resting chin on hand/ Bull licking flank, cf: Gemini V, 116, Svor 62, pl. xiv,9  very rare, excellent strike for issue, $1,900










   28. Alex. III AV 1/4 stater, 330-320 BC, 2.12g, Athena head/ Thunderbolt, bow, club, Price 165.  $1,550  


29. Sicily, Naxos AR obol 530-510 BC, Archaic Dionysos head/Grape bunch, cf: Triton XV, 1047, SNG ANS 513, $775













31.Olympia 280-260 BC,AR stater Zeus head/ Eagle, thunderbolt to left. Seltman 220 same dies as Prospero sale, 397  porous, rare.    $750  


32. Skythia, Olbia, 360-350 BC AE 17, Tyche head/ archer. Despite photo, better than Triton XVI,37 ($280). $150





33. Lucania, Laos, 350-300 BC, AE 14, Draped female bust facing/ Two birds, SNG ANS 156. Very rare $175



34. Lydia, Magnesia ad Sipylos, Caracalla 198-217 AD, AE medallion 35 x 37 mm, 24.12g. Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust, c/m of bust right (with mask and head gear?)/ City goddess in Amazonian dress extends hand to Cyble w/lion. BMC 65-6v. rare $495





35. Phoenicia, Tyre, Salonia, 254-268 AD AE 25, draped bust / Aedicula w/ statue surrounded by columns, caryatids, Nikes, pillar with globe. Extr. Rare! Unpublished? rev. type found for Gallenius.  $325


 36. Pamphylia, Magydus, Commodus, AE 24 x 26, 177-180 AD. Youthful laureate bust/  River god reclining w/ reed and cornucopia, resting on water urn. Very rare!  RPC online 5713.SOLD


 37. Macedon, Edessa, Caracalla 193-217 AD, AE 25.  Laureate, cuirassed bust/ Roma seated on cuirass holding Nike and crowned by Tyche holding sceptre. Varbanov 3611  SOLD