Church of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Isanti, MN


 This project provided a unique opportunity and challenge: A chance meeting with Father Jose a couple of months before his leaving this parish after 14 years of service raised the question, could I design and create 10 murals of biblical history totaling 7' x 100', in 10 weeks? Or, conceeding the impossibility to do so while meeting my standards, instead leave those walls unadorned with artwork? I choose to give it my best effort under those constraints. Painted on canvas in my studio and then "wallpapered" on the walls, the space has been transformed, as have I in facing this challenge and discovering what would happen. 

"Creation"  7' x 9'

"The Call of Abraham"  7' x 9'

"Moses Receiving The Ten Commandments"   7' x 9'

"Nativity"  7' x 9'

"Sermon on the Mount"  7' x 14'

"Transfiguration"  7' x 14'

"Washing the Feet"  7' x 9'

"Father, Unto Thy Hand I Commend My Spirit"  7' x 9'

"Resurrection"  7' x 9'

"Pentecost"  7' x 9'