Mikeology Mural, Minneapolis, MN



If you are going to have a mushroom growing business, why not have fun with it?  Thus I was turned loose to come up with ideas to transform plain walls into, well, something to do with mushrooms...
   Above we see the mayor's home with a guardhouse to the right. A detail shows the faithful guard. Then there is a painter putting finishing touches of color on a mushroom, held precariously by the dragonfly pilot. To the left is the spore merry-go-round. To the right, a teacher reads to her class, oblivious to the shennigans of her young pupils.  
   Above, we have an outdoor cafe for bugs, then some 'shroom to 'shroom communication, and then an enterprising umbrella salesman. To the left, a family and their pet snail approach the beach, perhaps about to use the facilities, while to the right a young guy is showering off the sand before heading home to hang out with friends, since he is such a fungi!