Dr. Erik Christiansen


For over two decades Dr. Erik Christiansen directed the Stillwater Choir, each year turning high school kids into amazing, selfless vessels of sound that made them consistently one of the nations best H.S. choirs. Along the way the life lessons learned for these students were unforgettable. 2016 marked his final year there, and the choir commissioned me to create a lasting tribute in the form of a choir-eyed view of him conducting.

This charcoal portrait is 18" x 24", and shows his hands in motion, along with the characteristic smirk that suggests his great sense of humor and active mind.

The portrait was presented at the conclusion of their final tour concert, an amazing event in which 200 choir alumni came from around the U.S. to join in a post concert celebration of song to express their gratitude for his amazing work. I was blessed to be a part of the experience.