Marian Shrine: Life-size bronze on hand made base, Triptych with bas-reliefs and stained glass.

This work was commissioned by Mary, Mother of the Church in Burnsville, MN and completed in 2016. The sculpture of Mary was inspired by a beautiful vision I was blessed to receive at age 24, her huge presence seated on a physical cloud floating above me. At that time I was an architecture student holding no idea about becoming a sculptor. While one cannot humanly depict such glory and beauty as appeared then, it was my desire to share what I could of the experience with my best artistic effort. Working on this brought many deeply profound experiences connecting with the heart of Mary. I am also grateful to MMOTC for providing the loving home and means for this work to be made possible. 

The Marian Shrine has also been honored as a finalist by the Art Renewal Center in their 12th International ARC Salon and can be found in that publication.